About us

We provide laboratories with professional chromatography supplies.

In our catalogue you find sample vials, storage tubes, micro-syringes and cannulas for chromatography (GC, LC and IC), ICP and MSD applications. All items have received manufacturer approval for usage on HTA’s autosamplers.

Buy ChromSelection only if you share our view

Chromatography professionals – as you are – value both the quality and the cost of analyses. As for the quality of analyses, you do not accept any compromise on the precision of the analytical result. At the same time, with regard to the costs, you act as a wise administrator that aims to minimise the total analysis cost: you take into account not only the direct costs (consumables, instrument amortisation and the labor cost) but also the indirect costs such as the cost related to the need of repeating a failed analysis.

Quality and cost goals are related and they should not be perceived as a trade-off. Instead you should be allowed to maximise both in order to obtain the best possible result.

Fair Price

Unfortunately, the market of consumables is nowadays a jungle and trusty partners are very hard to find. On the one hand, there are those who provide quality consumables pricing them unjustifiably high. On the other hand, those who offer cheap consumables achieve low price at the detriment of quality.

In this context, ChromSelection is bridging the gap allowing you to achieve both goals: ChromSelection consumables offer quality materials at a fair price.

How we control cost

Compared to a top-quality-consumables supplier we have definitively shrunk down the logistics and marketing costs. You don’t want to pay for our uneconomical logistics choices and you don’t want to pay for our advertising initiatives: in fact logistics and marketing costs do not add value or improve the quality of your consumables. Read on our catalogue how we have achieved savings on logistic costs and how we have got rid of marketing costs.

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